About Carol

Carol DeMent, LAc, DiplAc, EAMP is a nationally certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine holding licensure in Washington State. Her clinical focus includes geriatrics, support for cancer patients, and treatment of injuries and pain conditions. Ms. DeMent is a field editor and peer reviewer for The American Acupuncturist and co-author of Integrating Outpatient Speech Pathology and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a Patient with Dysphagia: A Case Study, published in The American Acupuncturist, Winter 2010, Volume 54.

My treatment philosophy includes a deeply held belief that the spiritual and emotional aspects of pain or illness are equally as important as the physical aspects, and that the rhythms of the natural world provide the basis for our functioning as human beings. I find acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to be very empowering to the patients I work with, and always look forward to helping patients reframe their health concerns within the paradigm of these time-tested healing practices.